Lahoy Reviews for Aftershave, Razors and other Grooming Products.

John Doe

I'm really happy with this - it was a bit of a risk as it was a present for my boyfriend who'd been saying for ages that he wanted an 'old-fashioned razor'. He's really happy with the look and feel and apparently it's a really good shave and just what he wanted. I think it's a nice unfussy design as some other ones I looked at were a bit more colourful, which I knew he didn't want. I particularly like the dark-coloured wood handle. It has a good minimalist look and its quite ergonomic and comfortable in your hand. I also like the cute anchor logo on the blade. It was lighter than I expected but I assume that's a good thing. I wanted to get a present that would last for years and it certainly looks like it will do, as it seems really good quality. I assumed that you'd need to sharpen it regularly but apparently you only need to do that a few times a year, so there's less faff. I know most people use disposables these days but I like the idea of using less plastic, which is why I wanted to get an old-fashioned durable one that would last for years. All in all, I'm so pleased my the purchase and so is my boyfriend.